The Law Office of Brittany Rawlings, P.A. specializes in niche law practices that includes: fashion, music and entertainment, digital media and technology, business and contract litigation, and general entrepreneurial activities. Legal and consulting services are offered in the Miami, Washington D.C., and New York offices.

Fashion & Entertainment Law Corporate & Contract Law Internet & Social Media Law Startups & Entrepreneurs
As a former accessories designer, attorney Brittany Rawlings Esq., has a dual perspective as a fashion entrepreneur and a lawyer. Rawlings recognizes and has developed solutions in dealing with various industry issues, types of negotiations, terms of agreements, methods of protecting content, and business strategies in starting, running and fueling a brand.
With an undergraduate degree in business and experience as a commercial trial attorney and business owner, Rawlings’ approach to contractual and corporate issues begins and ends with a practical and strategic action plan in order to efficiently execute tasks and minimize her client’s costs, energy and time away from their businesses.
The younger generation of lawyers grew up on social media networks, blogging, mobile devices, websites, and technology. Rawlings has experience in the law of the internet, from securing social media accounts, investigating anonymous cyber-defamation, protecting online intellectual property and first amendment rights, drafting website development contracts, and advising on endorsements, testimonials, and counseling on preventive cyber-risks.
Where there is a will, there is a way. As a serial entrepreneur, Rawlings devotes her personal resources, experience, and knowledge to help fellow start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big dreamers find their way. The legal and business needs of a start-up business are delicate, unique, and time and price sensitive, and are best handled by those who are compassionate to such.

 We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Formation of new business
  • Conversion of a business entity
  • Domain name procurement and assignments
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Design interns, sample makers, and employment agreements
  • Compliance with the Federal Trade Communications endorsement rules for paid-for social media
  • Website web design agreements & web hosting agreements
  • Website content licensing agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Public relations, showroom and consignment agreements
  • Blog / website advertising, marketing or affiliate agreements
  • Letters of responsibility
  • Vendor agreements
  • Credit agreement
  • Modeling agreements
  • Events Sponsorship Agreements & Celebrity Gifting
  • Photo and editorial release agreements
  • Investors-Purchase and sale agreements
  • Factoring and VC Agreements
  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark procurement and administration
  • Licensing
  • Social media & internet issues